Fast River


In the interest of full transparency, it should be noted that Fast River’s bio is written entirely by Fast River. This is largely due to the fact that we were unable to find a writer who could turn our particular brand of sardonic wit and nihilism into a bite-sized biography. We have begun this biography with an odd question and it goes like this:What’s so great about smoothies?(Yes, this IS our bio. Stay with us.)Smoothies are awesome because you can throw almost anything in the blender — a splash of almond milk, a scoop of peanut butter, a banana or two, maybe some berries, a mysterious powder that GNC says will make you live longer, even some cold-brew coffee — and you get all those delicious flavors in one phantasmagorical drink!Well, guess what? Listening to Fast River is the audio version of drinking a smoothie: You get a myriad of genres in one band — a veritable music smoothie with everything from indie rock to folk to shoegaze to hip-hop. Nothing is off-limits in our wild and wacky minds, and every song is a completely different expression of our love of music and our understanding of ourselves and the world.Two things to know about us:1. We believe that music is meant to do 2 things: raise the vibration of the listener AND/OR make them THINK - our songs are written to achieve at least 1 of those things...if not both at the same time.2. We REALLY don't take ourselves too seriously. SERIOUSLY. Music is a fun expression of inner-insanity so WE KINDA WRITE SOME WEIRD STUFF SOMETIMES!For Fast River music, find us at or wherever you get your music on the World Wide Web, and you can follow us in the giant fishbowl of meta narcissism and digital depression that is social media at @fastrivermusic.